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Paragliding in Georgia

Paragliding is a sport that combines recreation and competition

Paragliding in Georgia

What is a paraglider?

Paragliding is a sport that combines recreation and competition. It is similar to the freedom that dangling gliders have, but a paraglider is much more portable and easier to learn to fly. Paragliding is not limited to mountainous areas. Tow Launch A launching technique used on the plains and using a motorized winch to lift pilots up where they would look for a landing spot like the hills that have become their friends.

A paraglider is a modern modification of a parachute that allows you to fly in a horizontal direction, that is, to plan. From here it takes the name of this sport: a gliding parachute.

In order to glide, a paraglider needs to gain altitude. This can be done in several ways. One of them is mountains. According to this principle, paragliding in Gudauri is carried out, which will be discussed below. Pilots will be happy to help you. The view is extraordinarily beautiful and attractive when you look at the huge lake, and behind you admire the view of Tbilisi.

Paragliding in Gudauri

Everyone in Georgia knows that Gudauri is a real mecca for Georgian and foreign paragliding pilots. Paragliding company SkyAtlantida will help you to get acquainted with the sky in Gudauri..

As a rule, it is always sunny here, the wind is calm and even. The weather in Gudauri is generally stable and favors safe flights throughout the day.

Alpine conditions in Bakuriani and Gudauri

There are also two places near Tbilisi. One is near Rustavi, and the second is located northeast of the Tbilisi Sea. All places can be useful for dynamic flight in normal wind.

Tandem paragliding - A wing designed for two. Tandem flights use a large wing capable of holding two people, an instructor and a passenger. Each person has their own equipment. The passenger is in front, and the pilot is behind him. While we are in the air, the pilot can easily communicate with the passenger and explain to him how to use the paraglider. If conditions permit and the passenger is willing, the pilot may hand over control to the passenger in order to try flying the authorized aircraft. Take your camera with you. because you will never forget this experience. Tandem flights usually last about 30 minutes.

Tandem flying is a great introduction to the sport or just something exhilarating like skydiving or skydiving, but the difference is that the throw lasts the whole flight and you are in control! Tandem flights are also useful for developing the skills of beginners and intermediate pilots.

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